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Company profile

Invector Solutions A/S is part of the UBRO SystemPac group. Invector Solutions A/S is a business with many years experience concentrated in the development and manufacturing of automatic, internal conveyor systems of every kind. It is important for us that craftsmanship goes in to every project and nothing goes untouched until we are 100% satisfied. At Invector it is standard protocol to be thorough. Drawings and layouts are completely finished before we start production ensuring that nothing has been overlooked.



Invectors systems and modular lines will become standard in International production environments.



We develop, construct and produce automated conveyor systems to production companies and optimize their production flow.



Solutions orientated

We strive to understand our customer’s specific needs and construct a system that’s the perfect solution.

Our broad spectrum of expertise within our co-workers guarantees a well-documented solution of professional quality. This type of quality ensures value for your money. Invector prides itself on it’s ability to think out of the box using untraditional and creative solutions. We listen to and deliver our customers wishes, often with less complexity. In most cases creating a solution that is therefore less expensive. Change based on competence and passion!


We meet our customers at their level. We keep both feet on the ground and everyone on the same page. We respect and remember our customer’s wishes as well as the smallest details of their existing production. Using this technique leads us to the perfect solution.


To be both competent and honest is key for Invector. This is the way we build trust, on every project and every customer.



Simple is better. Complexity costs money. – We think things thru and find the simplest solution without compromising efficiency. Use the best economical path to achieve the best solution.


Pay off

Charles Chaplin once said ”Simplicity is not a simple thing”. It requires knowledge, creativity and alternative thinking to make the complicated simple. You will find this at Invector, it’s our specialty. We build Inventive Solutions.


Core competence:


At the heart of every new project lie the specific needs of the customer. Built on the foundations of our experience in the existing industry niche, we thoroughly re-think all designs to simplify the product.


Top quality is not a goal. It’s just protocol at Invector. We work focused and responsible through the entire project. The result combines quality, project management and knowledge in a very effective production process.


Service is our finger print. Through the entire process our level of service earns us the trust to be a good and faithful partner.


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