Automated cold storage system

Fully automated cold storage system

Automated cold storage system for storing items in -22 degrees

First in – first out

This storage system is specifically designed to operate in a warehouse in -22 degrees. The system is designed for storing metal trays, on which cardboard boxes with the carbon fibers are located. For optimal utilization of the storage space there has been made a 2-sided cantilever racking. Each shelf can accommodate two metal trays. This gave the customer twice as much space for the carbon fibers.

For full use of the storage space, the system has been designed with cantilever racking on two sides, with space for 2 boxes pr room

The fully automated storage system is connected to a miniload mounted in the middle, running back and forth, collecting and bringing topics accordingly to the FIFO principle – “First In – First Out “. Through a computer system, Invector gave the customer full control over all the data in the storage system, including date and location.

Alone on obsolescence, this storage system paid itself in less than 2 years.

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The miniload runs back and forth to pick up and return items. The miniload communicates with an EPR system, which gives the full control over the datas of each items

Full automated cold storage system at Terma