Products that gives your production value

Invector helps you growth!

Invector is proud of the staff and all the educationally strong skills each employee possesses. This means that we can present a wide range of specialized products for conveyor systems and components for fully automated transport tasks. We have experience within the wind industry, food industry, wood industry, cold storage and bed manufacturers. We have a holistic perspective when solving a task, in order to meet as many issues as possible. This brings high value for the costumer.

The products are a selection of Invectors portfolio, and all systems and components are designed according to customer requirements and needs. For questions about a specific desire, please contact one of our engineers.

The products are built from standard components and / or custom-made parts, manufactured in accordance with good quality sense and in accordance with the Machinery Directive.

All components are made by simple design principles and is therefore very reliable and easy to maintain.