Pallet magazine

Pallet are lowered down and transported backwards

Magazine for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Cold store
Pallet magazine designed to drop down pallets on a roller conveyor. Pallet magazine can also be designed to receive pallets

 Pallet magazine with attached chain conveyor

Store your pallets simple and manageable. Invector constructs pallet magazines of different sizes, and all can be integrated to varying transport systems. By means of roller conveyor, chain conveyor or forklift a stack of pallets is delivered to the magazine. The pallets are then destacked as needed.

During operation a new stack of pallets is placed on a chain conveyor in front of the magazine, in order to feed the magazine with a new stack of pallets at soon as possible when it is empty.

All electrical components in the magazine are designed so they can handle freezing temperatures, if the magazine is used in a cold store.

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Pallet magazine, lowers the pallets and trasnport dem through right of the magazine. New stack of pallets are placed in waiting position in front of the magazine, ready to be transported into the magazine, when this is empty
Pallet magazine drops down pallets on the roller conveyor
Depalletizing machine where the pallet magazine is designed to receive pallets