Cold store

Cold store

Cold store for items that needs to be quickly frozen

Rapid freezing of items

The illustrated cold stores are designed for rapid freezing of items. When freezing down food, the tunnels are constructed by the Food agency’s rules of hygiene.

The equipment inside the cold stores are specially designed to handle freezing temperature, up to -30 degrees. Constructed as desired.

Cold stores can be made in different sizes and with lifts and shuttle car, with mind on LEAN and careful handling of items

Each layer of items in a stack is palletized on a grid. The air between the grids ensures that the items are very quick cooled down.

The illustrated tunnels are all designed with shelves, with a function designed after the principle LIFO (Last In – First Out). Cold stores can be made either with fixed shelves or chain conveyors.

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This tunnel consists of several shelves where the pallets are placed. The ventilations in the back of the tunnel ensures a rapid cool down
Freezing tunnel with two ports