Chain conveyor

Chain conveyor

Three stringed chain conveyor

Chain conveyors for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Item transportation
  • Cold store
Two stringed chain conveyor, with a line of roller conveyor in the middle for supporting the transported pallet

Stable and robust transport solution

The chain conveyor is used to transport boxesor pallets and can handle freezing degrees for usage in cold stores. The illustrated chain conveyors are designed with 1 or up to 5 chain strings, and can be designed with a lifting device.

The chains are available in different sizes and chain types such as black chain, stainless steel chains, black chains with plastic lugs, slate chains, plastic chains and bone chains.

The chain conveyors can be designed to be mounted on the floor, ceiling hung, built-in machines, on shuttle cars or turntables.

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Short three stringed conveyor designed to be integrated in a larger transport system
Variable two stringed chain conveyor that can be adjusted in the width
Five stringed chain conveyors