Item turner

Item turner

Item turner suitable for pallets in cold stores

Item turners for:

  • Pallets (also to use in cold stores)
  • Plates
  • Stacks
  • Fragile items
Rotated item turner for pallets. Ergonomically correct for operator

Item turner for pallets

This item turner is designed to give good ergonomic conditions for operators working at a cold store. It also causes a streamlined workflow at the production.

Palletized items are transported through roller conveyors or are delivered by a forklift to the item turner. The stack is being held tight while the item turner rotates backward 95 degrees. The stack is loosened slightly and layers or pallets can be removed between the items. The item turner will then move back to the starting point and the stack of items is retrieved by forklift again, or transported further trough roller conveyor system.

Item turners are constructed with materials and electrical components that can handle freezing temperatures in order to be suitable for cold stores.

Stack of items are being rotated 180 degrees

180 degrees stack turner

A stack of (palletized) items are transported to the stack turner. Here the stack is being held tight, while the stack is turned around 180 degrees and transported further again. A stack turner is also available on a shuttle car.

Metal plate turner, rotates gently large heavy metal plates

180 degrees plate turner

Plate turner designed with the purpose to give the operator good ergonomic conditions and avoid heavy lifts. The illustrated plate turner lifts and rotates heavy steel plates. In order to avoid damaging the plate during transport and lift, there are mounted chains that gently handles the plates.

Careful handling of the plate and good ergonomic work space are high prioritized

Item turner for careful handling of special plates

This item turner is special made for handling expensive carbon plates that does not tolerate damages. Therefore the plate is being held tight by suction cups and rubber straps. The suction cups can be activated individually.

The item turner is lifted up and down by mean of two pillar that are parallel controlled. The frame where the plate s being held tight too, can be rotated in a position that is desired. To prevent the frame moving in the stopped position, a disc brake is activated.

Can be designed for other types of items.

The plate s fixed with suction cups

Invector rotate your items. Please contact us if what you seek is not here. See our selection of rotation machines for the mattress industry, which also can be designed to be used for other subjects.

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