Item lifts

Item lifts / elevators

Lift with turntable mounted inside the lift

Lifts for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Item transportation
  • Cold store
Long lift. Invector constructs lifts in all sizes and for different purposes

Transporting items up and down

Invector constructs item lifts / elevators in different sizes and types according to the purpose of use; pallet transport, continuous lifts for boxes and lifts for cold stores. The shown lifts are designed with roller conveyors, but can be produced by request. The item lifts can also be made with a turntable function inside the lift.

Continuous item lift for boxes. Carrying 950 boxes per hour

A continuously item lift

Continuous lift with high capacity, carrying 950 boxes per hour. This type of item lift is produced for the food industry, therefore we have an extra focus on the construction in respect to the food agency’s rules. The continuous item lift can be adapted to different productions as desired.

Short lift. This model is for pallet transportation

Cold stores and Food Administration

When constructing machines and systems for handling food products, it is important that the hygiene follows the food administration’s regulations.

Invector contructs all machines for cold stores by regulatory requirements.

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