Invector Assembly Line

Invector Assembly Line is a complete assemble, glue and pressure line for mattresses

Complete assembly line for mattresses

ONE  assembly line!
LOW circle time!
ZERO exchange time!

Invector Assembly Line glues, assembles and presses foam and spring units together to form a finished mattress. The line can be made fully automatic or semi-automatic as required.

An example of how to build a workflow for assembling mattresses

The line consists of a gluing machine, e.g. hot melt adhesive, variable belt conveyor and a press machine. The line can be combined with several solutions, e.g. our packaging and palletizing line, Invector Pack & Pal, see more here!

Invector Assembly Line is designed for One-Piece-Flow, focusing on a simplified and streamlined design to rationalize production. The changeover time is ZERO seconds when handling various mattress sizes, which results in low production costs.

The variable belt conveyor can be automatically adjusted to the width of the received mattress. This gives the operator good ergonomic conditions.

High flexibility = best ergonomic conditions

The first priority is always the operator. It is important, that the operator has the correct working conditions. The machines are therefore designed with a high flexibility. The machine automatically adjusts to the width of the received mattress. Thus, the operator can carry out its work without awkward working positions.

The automatically adjusting of the width makes the assembly line high flexible in receiving all sizes of mattresses, ZERO changeover time independent of order sizes and still keep a low circle time.

Illustration of the mattress with the centerline in the middle. The mattress is centered around this point

Center line (or zero line)

Invector Assembly Line is designed to transport the mattresses centered on the center line. Each station in the line measures the position of the mattress and centers the mattress on the center line. (It is possible to design the system to transport the mattress through the zero line)

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Invector Assembly Line consists of several stations, module based: Variable belt conveyor, glue and pressure station and a mattress flipper. The line is designed after needs

Production Flow

  • The line receives the mattress base. A machine aligns the base for correct placing.
  • The base is sprayed with glue before rails and spring units are added.
  • The mattress is glued along the rail edge before the top layer is added.
  • The mattress is pressed together to optimize adhesion.
  • The finished mattress can be turned and/or palletized as required.
Variable belt conveyor that automatically adjust to the width of the mattress


  • Ergonomically secured, no awkward working possessions
  • High flexibility, handles all sizes of mattresses
  • Short turn investment
  • SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die)
Automatic glue station, e.g. with HotMelt glue

Technical data

Capacity: Produces one mattress each minute, when the line is in flow

Mattress size: ALL size mattresses

Function: Transports, glues, presses and turns the mattress – full automatic (The Line can be connected to a saw to cut the mattresses)

Glue: Hot-melt or water-based

Order change: Automatic changeover

Pressure station which optimizes the finished result of the mattress after the glueing and assembling
The mattress flipper rotates the position of the mattress 180 degrees
Mattress destacker and palletizer can pick up a mattress or just a thin fabric layer, and transport it further or palletize it
Automatid and quick palletizing of mattresses, avoid heavy lift for operator.