Invector Pack & Pal

Invector Pack & Pal, packaging machine, wrapping machine, palletizing machine

Bag, Pack, Stack!

46 seconds that streamline your production!

Invector Pack & Pal auto bag, auto pack and auto palletize beds and mattresses in cardboard boxes as the only company in the world!

First, the finished produced mattress is bagged in plastic and then pushed into an opened cardboard box. The box is then sealed with glue, hot melt glue or water based, where after it is palletized within +/- 2 mm accuracy. An accurate palletizing ensure high, stable carrying capacity of the boxes. This allows a high stacking, for a minimum waste of space in a container or truck and with far less damaged packaging received by the customer.


Invector Pack & Pal can be built after needs

Build your own Packaging machine !

Invector Pack & Pal is a modular based system. This means that each machine in the system can be combined as you needed. We design a specific solution after needs, capacity of production area, volume of produced mattresses and existing machines.

A complete Invector Pack & Pal consist of:

  • Automatic bagger / wrapper. Mattress is first packed in plastic if needed.
  • Automatic boxing / packaging. A folding station, folds the cardboard box and an insert machine pushes the mattress into it. Afterward it is sealed with hot melt (or other preferred glue)
  • Automatic palletizing / stacking. A crane pick and places empty cardboard boxes and packed mattresses


When fully automated, the system can handles 80 mattresses per hour (46 sec. per mattress). Invector Pack & Pal handles different sizes of mattresses, large and small, thick and thin. The system catalogues each mattress and finds the corresponding size of cardboard box for each mattress.


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Production flow of Invector Pack & Pal

Production flow:

  • The system receives a mattress, the size of the mattress is measured for catalogued for later use.
  • The mattress is tightly bagged in plastic.
  • Meanwhile, the respective cardboard size will be collected, the cardboard is folded and the mattress is inserted into the cardboard box. The cardboard box is sealed with HotMelt glue.
  • The packed mattress is palletized.
  • Packed mattresses can be palletized in series, same size or mixed.

Video of Invector Pack & Pal - fully automated solution

Video of an Invector Pack & Pal solution at Hilding Anders Denmark