Roller conveyor

Roller conveyor for all industries

Roller conveyor with chain conveyor cross

Roller conveyors for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Item transportation
  • Cold store
Variable conveyor, flexible transportation

Rolling transport

Roller conveyors are designed as you need, and are used in various industries. The roller conveyors vary in height, width, length, weight, and can be designed to take extra care of fragile items. For carefull transport the rolls are constructed with rubber. A roller conveyor can be designed with either a manual or automatic drive.

Invector designs on request, so give us a call if you have a specific wish.

Variable roller conveyor for transporting and handling of small and large items

Roller conveyor for the food industry

Designing a roller conveyor for the food industry requires high focus on the hygiene conditions when transporting food on the conveyor. The conveyor is constructed with angled frame rails and pipes in order to clean the conveyor properly. In this way the hygiene is 100% secured. Invector ensures that all materials are approved in accordance with the given food agency.

Roller conveyor with stop function

Roller conveyors designed with rotation function

A rotation function can be integrated in the roller conveyor. This is used when an item needs to turned around for a specific position. The rotation function is lifted up when the item reach a right position, where after it rotates 90 or 180 degrees. Lift and rotate function is pneumatically lifted and lowered.

Roller conveyor with guides

Roller conveyor for cold stores

Transportation conveyors in frost is constructed so that the electrical equipment can withstand freezing temperatures.

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Roller conveyors with angled frame rails made for food industry
Roller conveyors with small rubber rollers for protection of transported items
Roller conveyors with rubber for carefull handling of materials during transport