Special projects from 760 gram to 760 tons

Handling of heavy items

Invector has constructed and delivered production and process equipment for heavy items with a weight up to 760 tons. For more information about special handling of heavy or fragile items, please contact our sales team.

Invector is an expert at special projects. Here solving a heavy problem for the wind industry

The bearing turner

This bearing turner is designed for the Wind Power Industry, and turn around  bearing units on 7 tons.

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The bearing turner can handle a bearing unit up to 7 tons
  • The bearing turner is designed for lifting and turning the bearing during assembly of the bearing.
  • Handles 2 different types of bearing units.
  • The Bearing Turner is constructed to handle and turn around 7 tons.
  • Easy to strap the bearing unit since the bolts are automatically tightened.
  • Constructed in strong material, 100% secured.
  • Assembly height for operator: 500mm-1700mm
  • The ergonomic and working conditions for the operator is 100% secured. No dangerous interaction with the machinery.
The bearing is designed to be 100 % safe working conditions for the operator
Wing tester for the Wind Industry

Wing tester

This wing tester is designed to handle 4 tons. It is made to measure the height of lifting a wind turbine blade at a given force. The lifting function is driven by a gear motor with brake. The chair of the test of the wing is lifted by a ball screw, which is suspended in a bearing at the top and freely movable in the vertical direction. The tester measures in position 43 meters on the wing.

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Wing tester
Special projecs for the Wind Industry