Depalletizing machine

Depalletizing machine

Depalletizing machine and pallet magazine

Machine for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Cold store
Palletized items ready to be depalletized

Depalletizing machine with associated pallet magazine

The purpose of the depalletizing machine is to remove items from pallets and stack the pallet in a magazine.

A truck places palletized items on the machine (to the left of the illustration). The items are automatic separated from the pallet. A forklift removes the items, and the empty pallet is transported to the pallet magazine and stacked.

See our pallet magazine to be inspired for more.

Items are lifted from the pallet, and the pallet is sent to the pallet magazine

When the depalletizing machine is being used in cold stores, the components and the electrical control system is designed to handle freezing temperatures.

The design of the machine is extremely strong and stable in order to handle the load from the forklift. The machine can be quickly and easily moved from one location to another by using forklift.

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