Turntable conveyor

Turntable conveyor


Turntable conveyor mounted on a shuttle car

Turntable for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Item transportation
  • Cold store
Turntable can be designed with roller conveyor, chain conveyor or belt conveyors

Rotation of transported items

Turntable conveyor can rotate 360 degrees. The conveyor can be designed as a roller, belt, or chain conveyor according to request and the transported item. Can also be mounted on a transfer cart, goods lift, etc.

Turntable conveyors for cold stores are designed so material and electrical components can handle freezing temperatures.

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When ransporting pallets from roller conveyor to chain conveoyr there is needed a turntable to rotate the pallet
Turntable conveyors in a larger system
Turntable conveyor mounted in a lift

Turntable conveyor on shuttle car