Buffer storage

Buffer storage

Automatic storage for stacks of wooden boards

Invector has designed many buffer storages, always with focus on safety, space optimization and careful management of the storaged items.

The represented storage is designed to transport and store wooden boards for the wood industry. It consists of several long roller conveyors, divided with two shuttle cars in the middle (Only one shuttle car is illustrated here).

The buffer storage can be made in different sizes and with or without shuffle car

There are constructed two shuttle cars for the buffer storage; a fully automatic shuttle car and a shuttle car driven by an operator (photos only show the fully automated shuttle car). A shuttle car picks up and brings wooden boards to and from the buffer storage. The shuttle cars are running slowly for safe transport of the high stacks of wooden boards.

In order to optimize the security further, the shuttle cars are mounted with a high fence, to ensure that the boards dos not fall over down.

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Shuffle car to retrieve and bring items in the buffer storage

Automatic buffer storage with shuttle car