Automatic storage system with workstation

Automatic storage system with associated workstation

Shuffle car picks up and brings profiles between the cantilever rack and workstation

Carefull handling of 6 meter long profiles

Automatic storage system with workstation and shuttle car. The shuttle car is designed with a lift function, that retrieves and brings items between cantilever rack and workstation. The automatic storage system is built to accommodate long items. The illustrated system stores 6 metres long aluminum profiles for windows.

The system is designed with a high focus on the ergonomics for the operator and a good work flow. Therefore there is designed a work station, which is a work bench with tilt function, where the profiles is transported to. In this way, the operator can handle the profiles without bending forward over the profiles. More benefits in the storage system includes more storage in less space, well organized, flexible system and safe working environment.

Automatic storage system with workstation for 6 m long profiles

Complete automated pick and place

The automatic storage system with workstation receives new profiles from the left side, where the shuttle car picks them up and places them on an empty shelf in the rack. The shuttle car easily retrieves the desired profile from a specific location in the cantilever rack and deliver them on the opposite side where the work bench is. When the operator is finished with the profiles, the shuttle car transport them back to the profiles specific place in the cantilever rack again.

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The storage system has a workstation with tilt function for good ergonomics


  • Fully automated storage system
  • Well-organized and space-saving system
  • Easy retrieval of items
  • Careful handling without damaging the items
  • Designed with LEAN focus for optimal production flow
  • Optimal ergonomics at the workstation
The shuffle car is constructed with lifting function to pick up and return profiles from the cantilever rack

Technical data

Max. load: 1.5 tons
Max. racking height: 9 metres
Max. shuttle travel (ver.): 8 metres
Max. shuttle travel (hor.): 50 metres
Number of shelves: 50 to 600

Working flow of the automatic storage system with workstation

Automatic storage system with workstation at Thema