Shuttle cars

Shuttle cars

Shuttle cars can be designed as needed, here constructed with roller conveyor on a turntable

Shuttle car for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Item transportation
  • Cold store
Shuttle cars are designed ass needed, here with a belt and turntable conveyor

Shuttle cars provides flexible transport options

Invector has designed several different forms of shuttle cars for various industries. The car can be made with roller conveyors, chain conveyors, belt conveyors, turntable, lift, etc.

The shuttle car is designed to transport an item from a to b, provides flexible transport of items, and often releases  space in the production when replacing other transport conveyors.

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Double sided shuttle car retrives palletized items, and delivers back a new empty pallet
Time saving transportation with a double sided shuttlecar
Double cart with roller conveyor mounted
Complete transport system. The shuttle car is designed with a lift in order to pick and place long aluminum profiles in the cantilever rack
complete buffer storage with a double sided shuttle car

Shuttle car with scanner