Variable conveyor

Streamline your production with Invectors variable conveyor

Variable conveyor with manual adjustment in width

Variable conveyor for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Item transportation
  • Cold store
The roller conveyor is adjusted according to the size of the transported item

Variable conveyor

Invector constructs several variable conveyors that automatically or manually are adjusted to the width of the transported item. See some of our conveyors below.


Variable roller conveyor with belt or chain drive

A variable conveyor with belt or chain drive is designed to handle the transportation of items having various widths. In order to run different widths, one part of the roller conveyor can be pulled out manually. The variable roller conveyor is designed to be integrated into a larger conveyor system.

Automated variable belt conveyor with 5 belts

High flexible variable belt conveyor

This type of variable conveyor is designed with 2-5 belts depending on size and hardness of the transported topic. The conveyor can be designed to be automated or manually handled, both types offers very high flexibility. The operator have the possibility to operate close to the item independent on the size of the transported item, because of the movable belts.

The belt conveyor can be made with or without supporting plate at the ends, depending on the work to be performed by the belt conveyor.

Two sided roller conveyor

Double variable roller conveyor with belt drive and fixation

Double variable roller conveyor for i.e. bed frames, pallets, etc., series of items with different sizes. In order to drive different widths, one side of the roller conveyor can be displaced laterally. There is integrated a pneumatic fixation that holds the transported item in the desired position.

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Variable conveyor consisting of two chains that automatically adjustes the received item. The roller conveyor in the middle is for support