Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor

Belt conveyor with strong rubber belt

Belt conveyors for:

  • Item transportation
Belt conveyor with carriers designed for upward transportation of items. With carriers the items can not fall down

Handling of various items and materials

Invector constructs conveyors for handling specific items and materials. The illustrated belt conveyors transports large and small items of different materials. The belt conveyors are here designed with strong rubber bands.

Each conveyor is designed according to, which items the belt needs to handle. The conveyors are available in different variations, with wide or narrow, thin or thick belt. The belts are produced in rubber, fabric, or what is needed for the transportation. All conveyors are custom made.

Belt conveyor designed with an angle, transporting items up or down
Belt conveyor mounted at the end of a roller conveyor
Conveyor designed to a robot cell