Centering conveyor for mattresses

Centering conveyor, centers the mattress to be transported through the center line

Centering conveyor for mattresses

Centering conveyors for the mattress industry are often designed to center a mattress or mattress component on the center line, in order to always keep the mattress or component at the same starting point at each station in the production line. The center function can be designed on various conveyors on request. The conveyor can even be created with a lift, allowing the operator to raise and lower the conveyor.

Invector have developed an assembly line, which have centering throughout the whole line, allowing the mattress constant to be placed on the center line. See Invector Assembly Line here for more information.

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Large slate conveyor centers the transported mattress
Slate conveyor with a center function
Conveyor with a center and lift, shown in a lifted position
Center conveyor with lift in a low position