Automatic storage system with miniload

Full automatic storage system with miniload and work bench

Fully automatic two-sided storage system, providing optimum utilization of space

First in – Last out

Automatic storage system with miniload that places boxes in a cantilever rack. High cantilever rack on both sides of the miniload ensures optimal use of storage space. Furthermore, it is possible to have full control over all data of place and date of every single boxes since the miniload can communicate with an ERP system.

At the represented storage system there is designed a work bench for streamlined work flow and good ergonomical working positions.

The storage system viewed with only one cantilever rack and miniload running back and forth to load the shelves with boxes

The design of the miniload and the cantilever rack is 100% customized.

The storage system can be produced higher or lower, and with room for more boxes in each room. Likewise, the storage system can be designed after FIFO (first in – first out) or LIFO (Last in – first out) as desired.

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This storage has a work bench at the end where the miniload runs back and forth too


  • Control over all data
  • Optimal use of storage space
  • Can be designed to both FIFO (first in – first out) or LIFO (Last In – First Out)

Automatic storage system with miniload, suitable for boxes