Timing belt conveyor

Timing belt conveyor

Complete system of timing belt conveyors

Timing belt conveyor for:

  • Item transportation
Four stringed timing belts conveyor

 Avoid damaged products with a timing belt conveyor

With Invectors timing belt conveyors we ensures a safe transportation for your products. The conveyors are designed according to needs and the transported item.

Six stringed timing belts with working station

Six stringed belt conveyor to receive long items

This timing belt conveyor is constructed with six stringed belts crossed with a roller conveyor.  The conveyor is designed to transport items from a roller conveyor to a working station, where the items are controlled. The belt conveyor transports the items back to the roller conveyor after control, where a robot collects the items. Depending on the length of the transported items, there are used two or six stringed timing belts for supporting the transport to the working station.

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Four stringed belt conveyor for induvidual transportation of four items simultaneously

Timing belt conveyor for small items

Timing belt conveyors can be designed to transport individual parts, at each string. At the illustrated conveyor, the items are placed on the belts by a robot, and transported further in the production.

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Three stringed timing belt conveyor with brackets for rotating items 180 degrees in the conveyor

Timing belt conveyor with rotation function

This conveyor is designed with a rotation function in order to rotate an item 180 degrees vertical on the conveyor. The timing belts of rubber ensures a careful transportation and avoids damages on the products.

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