Poultry delivery terminal

Complete poultry delivery terminal. The terminal is designed with focus on animal welfare

Poultry delivery terminal with careful handling

Fully automatic delivery terminal for chickens transported in box modules. The facility consists of:

    • Filing / reception terminal with an integrated weight
    • Two shuttle cars
    • Five buffer conveyors with ventilators for animal care. Keeping the temperature stable for the chickens.
    • Delivery to slaughter line
    • Return conveyors for empty modules / chicken cages
Chicken modules are delivered from the left of the image, and sent to the buffer storage


The chickens are transported to the poultry delivery terminal at the conveyors. Here the chickens are weighed. Afterward, they are transported to a buffer storage to stay there during the night. At the end of the storage, there is a delivery for the slaughterhouse. Lastly there is a return conveyor to transport clean modules back to the truck again.

There are installed a high amount of fans with warm air to warm the chichens during the winter. The sealing has water pollinators installed to cool down the chickens in summer times

Animal welfare

There is no light in the storage. This causes the chickens to sleep, until they are transported to the slaughterhouse early morning. The storage is installed with ventilation in order to regulate the chickens’ temperature. Furthermore there is installed a water spray system at the ceiling, to cool down the chickens during the summer. This complete poultry delivery terminal solution designed and delivered by Invector saved chickens from dying under the transportation.

The delivered box modules with chickens have a total weight at about 3 tons.

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The shuffle cars transports the chichen modules back and forth in the buffer storage. The system drives very slow so the chicken can sleep and not get stressed of the transportation

Chicken delivery terminal at Lantmännen Danpo