Cross conveyor

Cross conveyor for all industries

Cross conveyor of belt and roller conveyor

Cross conveyors for:

  • Pallet transportation
  • Item transportation
  • Cold store
Cross conveyors transport an item forward and sideways

Cross conveyors

Cross conveyors are designed for transporting items or pallets across a transverse conveyor line.

First illustrated is a cross conveyor of belt and roller conveyors, transporting boxes. The boxes are transported from the roller conveyor to the work station by belt conveyors. The belts are automatically lifted up from the roller conveyor, when a box is in the right position.

A cross conveyor is designed as desired, though they are often combined of roller conveyors, chain conveyors and/or belt conveyors.

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Large system with several cross conveyors connected to a work station
Items are transported forward and sideways
Cross conveyor suitable for pallet transport